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CNeuro2024 Teaching Assistants

Daguang Li

University of Science and Technology in China in Hefei, China

I am pursuing my PhD in Neuroscience since 2021, in the lab of Quan Wen, School of Life Science, USTC (Hefei). I recieved my Bachelor degree in Physics from USTC, and Master degree in Computer Science from Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (Beijing). I'm now interested in theoretical and computational neuroscience, especially understanding the neural mechanics of behavior structure of larval zebrafish.


I have participated in CNeuro Summer School for several times. And I have gained a lot of inspiration every time. Many excellent speakers were invited during the summer school, and they have given me a more comprehensive and profound understanding of computational neuroscience, as well as a broader view of cutting-edge fields. I'm so grateful to the organizers and speakers of the summer school. I am very honored to serve as a teaching assistant this year. I hope we can learn more during CNeuro2024 together.

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Heng Zhang

Peking University in Beijing, China

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I am Heng Zhang, a third-year Ph.D. candidate in Prof. Louis Tao's lab at Peking University. I got my Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics from the University of Science and Technology of China. I attended the CNeuro2021 Summer School as a student, which sparked my passion for this exciting field.

My current research focuses on understanding the robust motor control mechanisms in animals. Specifically, I investigate the physics and neural mechanism of the locomotion of roundworm C.elegans. Through computational modeling and analysis of small motor circuits, I aim to realistically simulate worm behavior by integrating neuronal and biomechanical components.

The summer school in 2021 exposed me to many interesting theoretical works that provoked my thoughts about my future research directions. Three years later, with more practice and knowledge in this field, I am thrilled to return as a teaching assistant and to enjoy the lectures and discussions with you this summer.

Junjie Huang

University of Basel, Switzerland

I am a PhD student under the supervision of Rava Azeredo da Silveira in the Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience Group at the Institute of Molecular and Clinical Ophthalmology Basel. I studied Mathematics and Physics at Tsinghua University and conducted my B.Sc. research at the Tsinghua Laboratory of Brain and Intelligence under the supervision of Sen Song.

My research interests focus on how functional computations emerge from neural circuits, particularly in the areas of learning, memory, and inference. Currently, I am involved in a project aimed at understanding how visual landmarks are learned in the head direction system.

My career is closely connected to CNeuro. I audited CNeuro2019, which provided me with a broad perspective on computational neuroscience and the opportunity to meet exceptional speakers. I also attended CNeuro2022 and had a valuable experience. I am excited to return to CNeuro2024 as a teaching assistant and look forward to meeting everyone in Beijing.


Longsheng Jiang

Tsinghua Laboratory of Brain and Intelligence, Beijing, China

Hello dear future friends, my name is Longsheng Jiang. I will be a TA for CNeuro2024. I finished my Bachelar's degree in Taiyuan University of Technology, master's degree in University of Florida, and Ph.D degree in Clemson University, all in mechanical engineering. What always attracts me is how robots, collections of metal parts and electronic gadgets, can have minds. I know artificial intelligence is a venue, but I do believe the missing principles of intelligence lie deeply in neuroscience. That's why I switched my research area to cognitive neuroscience, hoping to find, or simply witness, the discovery of principles of intelligence. I am now a postdoc researcher with Drs. Sen Song and Jia Liu at Tsinghua Laboratory of Brain and intelligence. I am doing neural data analysis with geometric perspective and tools. I am really excited to have a chance to be the TA for CNeuro 2024, for I can spend a wonderful week with the world-class researchers and most talented students in exploring the wonderland of neuroscience. 

Ruilin Zhang

Peking University in Beijing, China

Hello everyone, this is Ruilin Zhang. I am a PhD student at Peking University, where I previously obtained my BS in Integrated Science. Currently, I’m working on the neural mechanism of pattern generation based on multi-scale experimental data, as well as theoretical neuronal network dynamics and their control. I’m also interested in utilizing generative AI in computational neuroscience research.


Having participated in CNeuro2021 as a student and CNeuro2022 as a TA, I found it amazing to learn new knowledge from different aspects each year and to communicate with people who have versatile expertise. Building our community with shared curiosity and enthusiasm has been a joyful journey for all of us. I believe CNeuro2024 will be an exciting moment for everyone, and I’m looking forward to meeting you in Beijing.


Yongjiang Li

Tsinghua University in Beijing, China 


Hi everyone, I'm Yongjian Li, a first-year PhD student under the supervision Sen Song in the School of Biomedical Engineering, Tsinghua University. I got my bachelor's degree from the Department of Automation at Tsinghua University. My research interests focus mainly on enhancing the memory capability and reasoning ability of LLM with inspiration from neuroscience. I am also attempting to research learning algorithms that are more effective and more biologically plausible than the backpropagation algorithm. 
I've participated in CNeuro2022 as a volunteer. It helped me to re-think AI and its connection with human intelligence.  I'm very honored to join the TA team of CNeuro2024 and I can't wait to learn the wonderful courses and discuss with all of you about the latest researches.

Yukun Cheng 

University of Science and Technology in China in Hefei, China

Hello everyone, I’m Yukun Cheng, currently a second-year PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Quan Wen at USTC. Before that I studied physics as an undergraduate student at USTC. It’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to connect with everyone at CNeuro2024!

My academic journey is centered around the fascinating challenge of establishing a closed-loop neural control system for small animals. My work involves using neural activity data from C.elegans as input, processed through reinforcement learning algorithms, to effectively manipulate their neural systems.

Having participated in CNeuro both in 2021 and 2022, I have had the invaluable experience of stepping away from the daily routine to engage with cutting-edge neuroscience. These conferences were more than educational. They were also a chance to make friends and exchange ideas that challenge and expand my perspective on neuroscience.

My motivation to serve as a Teaching Assistant at CNeuro2024 is rooted in the principle of mutual learning and exchange. I believe that we all have unique insights to offer, and through engaging discussions and challenging each other, we can all grow. I am eager to facilitate this exchange, support the participants in their learning journey, and continue challenging myself along the way.

I am looking forward to another year of lively discussions, innovative learning, and the opportunity to meet and work with all of you at CNeuro2024. Let’s make it an unforgettable experience in Beijing!

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